Who We Are

Ashford Community Church is a Spirit-filled - Bible-teaching church with a focus on community, discipleship, and missional outreach.  An incredible story is being written in real time, where an international community of  dozens of nationalities are gathering to be a leading and visible force for the global Church.  Here in the Energy Corridor of Houston, we are going to "make disciples of all nations" and spread the Kingdom of Jesus throughout all the world, starting with our own backyard.



Our church is focused on being a family and creating a welcoming environment where every individual can feel like they belong and are an integral part of the community. 



Jesus' command was to not simply make converts but to make disciples, who walked as he walked and did as he did. We want to create a culture of disciples and disciple makers who look a lot like Jesus.


We meet together as a family to worship and fellowship but our vision is beyond the four walls.  We want to bring the power of God and the message of the Gospel to our homes, neighborhoods, and to the nations.