Love Builds

The Main building

The Church is going to complete construction of its main sanctuary which will be able to hold 1,000 people and the entire second floor of the building!

Construction impact

Ashford Community Church will be able to host dozens of international church congregations and be able facilitate services across its entire new facility. Ashford will be able to impact the community and develop the Kingdom like never before

Giving Needs

Our Church body needs to raise $300,000 in order to complete the construction build out project. You can partner by donating towards the project or by pledging a certain number towards to goal. All donations are tax deductible and is a seed towards the furtherance of the Kingdom! 

|If Walls Could Talk|

Medias Res. The Latin term for a story that starts in the middle. Walk into Ashford Community Church and explore through unfinished rooms and newly decorated common areas and this is what you step into. A story in the midst of its telling.

Arriving on a Sunday morning for service a first time guest may not recognize the narrative they’ve come into. Driving for over ten years past the church with the white steeple on Eldridge, a passerby would be unlikely to guess the vision and potential that is buried beneath only a light layer of dust.

In Christian culture it is often necessary to distinguish what we mean by the word “church,” whether we are referring to an actual building or to the believers themselves. In this story, the term should simultaneously apply to both. At 2100 Eldridge Parkway, The Lord has been building his church. And through the process he has gathered the stones and living stones needed to lay the foundation and create the frame work. Through different leaders and seasons, this church has both come to life, and laid unfinished. If walls could talk, these walls would tell the secrets of hearts transformed and chatter with anticipation of the great work that has yet to come.

The initial dedication of the Church as Ashford Baptist Church was celebrated in the year 1995. Over 100 eager members penned their names beneath the framed statement of faith and dreamed of filling the two story building to capacity. But like any good story, this one took unexpected turns and after 12 years of sporadic set-backs, challenges and discouragements, much of the church lies unfinished. But this is not the end of the story, or the beginning, it’s the middle. It’s the part that we are written into. It’s the time that we, the living stones, pick up building blocks and finish a project that waited a decade for our willingness.

In recent weeks, Pastor John has led the congregation through a series called, Love Builds. The teaching has explored the redemptive and restorative work of love – the very nature of our God. Love is all about repairing, refining and repurposing. Most importantly, love never fails. The plans and dreams that The Lord had when He established this church, have not once been forgotten, and love is bringing them to life.

When Nehemiah heard of the destruction of Jerusalem he wept and fasted. Nehemiah chapter 2 tells us that he, “prayed to the God of heaven and said to the king, ‘If it pleases the King, and your servant has found favor in your sight, that you send me to Judah, to the city of my fathers’ graves, that I may rebuild it.’” The king grants his cupbearer permission.

After a year of persistence a loan for the build-out of the church has been signed. Only an additional $300,000 is needed for the completion of the second floor skeleton, unfinished sanctuary, and remaining details of the church. We, like Nehemiah have requested to be the builders and defenders of this place.

Love Builds, a message for the church body, has become a campaign for the church building. The 5,454 square inches of the church can be completed for $55 an inch. For each donation of this amount we will lay a symbolic stone against our fundraiser wall in the foyer of the church, until we have covered the wall and raised our $300,000.

In Nehemiah’s day many families and tribes worked together to construct the walls of Jerusalem. For us, it will have to be the same. To move towards the vision of being an international church, hosting many different cultures and language groups, all of us from our different nations will be needed. For the body and the building we will need to supply our resources and let love build the church.