Our Children's Ministry


secure check-in station

Upon arrival, you will stop in at the check-in desk.  One of our volunteers will be there to greet you, check-in your child to the appropriate class, as well as print out a name tag for each child and corresponding parent pick-up tag. 

The love class

For our youngest babes, the Love class is place to play, roll, and smile, while listening to Christian music. Miss Blanca and Miss Christina are our chief baby snugglers.


The joy class

Once your little one is steady on their feet, they will join the Joy class to toddle, explore, and try new activities that explain God's love in the simplest of ways. Miss Griselda leads our Joy class.

the faith class

The Faith class gives new learners an environment of structure with lots of fun with crafts, Bible stories, and activities. Students in this class are potty-trained and ready to sit attentively for short periods of time. Miss Charlotte teaches our Faith class.




In our Hope class, elementary age students learn a Bible verse of the week, discuss relevant topics as a group, and work on activities to reinforce the lesson of the day. Miss Christie and Miss Valerie take turns leading this class every other week.